Saturday, 28 February 2009

Shinjuku street musician

Shinjuku street musician, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Although they play music at the street corner of town, but Japanese street musician usually play and sing very well, and even equipped with quality sound system. Perhaps this is because they intended to promote / sell their indie album CD rather than just collecting money from people that pass by them there.

ricki @ tokyo 2009

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge, originally uploaded by rickirick.

A capture of a bridge connecting Tokyo and Odaiba Island.
It's quite nice place to have a little refreshing out of daily working life in Tokyo, having a cup of coffee by the sea, with a nice view towards the rainbow bridge and crowd of buildings at downtown. By the way, the red tower that looks similar to Eiffel is Tokyo Tower :)

Took this picture with fixed lens 50mm, because my 12-24mm has too wide angle for this scene. Apparently the focal length between 30-40mm would give better angle.
Need one more lens to fill up this focal length gap, I will probably choose the medium range lens, either 16-85 or 17-55.

ricki @ odaiba 2009

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

What will you be in 5 years?

What will you be in 5 years?, originally uploaded by rickirick.

I fully agree with this quote:

You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read ~by Charles Jones.

"The books you read" simply means what's new, different, and interesting information which are useful to enhance the value of yourself.
And "the people you meet" means how can you be nice to and keep learning from people the entire world, with different knowledge, different thinking, different cultures, and of course different dreams, just keep sharing wherever you and them are.

ricki @ jakarta 2008

Monday, 23 February 2009

Can't Wait for Tomorrow

Can't Wait for Tomorrow, originally uploaded by rickirick.

It is a pleasant Sunday, here I am at Odaiba, an artificial island in Tokyo bay with futuristic design concept. For me, Toyota Mega Web is the most interesting place here, probably the biggest showroom in the world, showing over 100 Toyota & Lexus models. Look, ride, and feel is their tag-lines. It's true, I can touch, get in to the cars, or even test drive my favorite! :) True heaven for car fanatics, isn't it?

It's 10 o'clock already, time to go home and dream to drive this car around the city :)

ricki @ odaiba 2009

Sunday, 8 February 2009

No 'Smorking' in Japan

No 'Smorking' in Japan, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Despite the smoking rates in Japan is quite high, but they are now increasing restriction of smokers and awareness of health issue of smoking. Smoking is banned at many public facilities and populated / major streets.
This picture is one example of restriction of smoking at Shibuya area, where there are crowd of people everyday.
Good thing for smokers, they are still able to find designated areas for smoking, just stick into this, or you will be fined for max 10000 yen penalty.

ricki @ tokyo 2009

Lentern for my sister

Lentern for my sister, originally uploaded by rickirick.

This is my little sister, she is visiting Kuala Lumpur after had college trip at Batam and Singapore. With the lentern festive to embrace lunar new year as a background, she is so lucky to have her brother took a nice bokeh picture there :p
Gong Xi Fat Choi, congratulations and be prospreous...

ricki @ kuala lumpur 2009

Where money never sleeps

Where money never sleeps, originally uploaded by rickirick.

A snapshot at Jalan Petailing, a most crowded market at Kuala Lumpur. This market never sleeps, well, the trading activities are even getting busier now as lunar new year is coming soon.
For those who plan to buy some merchandise there, make sure you bargain as cheap as possible, their asking price for tourist could be twice than actual one.

ricki @ kuala lumpur 2009

Polaroid for a grandma

Polaroid for a grandma, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Walking back from Goa Lalay, a granny suddenly stopped me and asked for an instant polaroid picture. In sundanese words, I promised to give her picture when I have a chance visiting her village later on.
Goa Lalay is located at Sawarna, a village at southern Banten province, about 7 hours driving from Jakarta. Not many tourist know about this place, but I told you it's worth to visit. There are some beautiful beaches and caves.

ricki @ sawarna 2008

Sundanese Children

Sundanese Children, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Taking photograph of children faces are always interesting. I met them at Sawarna village, Banten. One of my friend said, they will be happy if I could to send over this picture by post-office. Someday mate :)

ricki @ sawarna 2008

Lighten up my world

Lighten up my world, originally uploaded by rickirick.

These kids are living at Kampung Naga, a traditional village at Garut, West Java. The way they live is quite interesting, they tend to preserve their old culture which is quite far from modernity.

ricki @ garut 2009

This is Bung Glenn

This is Bung Glenn, originally uploaded by rickirick.

He is my ex-officemate at Jakarta, and currently taking Phd of telecommunication at Melbourne.
Without any intention to be racist, his office mates sometimes throw a joke saying that people of his ethnic group will end up working as debt collector at Jakarta, but this guy has became a special one.
He gets rewarded a full scolarship from Ministry of Communication & Information, and we all hope that he can be next Indonesia CommInfo Minister :)

ricki @ garut 2008

abdi budak pangalengan

abdi budak pangalengan, originally uploaded by rickirick.

A kid at Pangalengan -Southern Bandung, Indonesia- spending his weekend holiday walking around tea plantation.
Note: "abdi budak pangalengan" means "i'm a kid of pangalengan" in sundanese.

ricki @ bandung 2008

Sunshiny day

Sunshiny day, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Her name is Agnes, took this picture at Pangalengan, West Java, I love her expression.

ricki @ bandung 2008

Forgetting the past

Forgetting the past, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Forget the past, live for present, nothing can stop you from following your dreams.

ricki @ bandung 2008

Floating in Heaven

Floating in Heaven, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Took this shot at Bamboo Island, Phi-phi - Thailand... the fisherman bent down, lower his head when my camera approaching his 'exotic boat' :)

ricki @ krabi 2008

Friends are Forever

Friends are Forever, originally uploaded by rickirick.

It was raining heavily when I ride a motorcycle around Krabi Town... Stopped by at a village, and it comes to my surprise the local children there are very excited to see me the foreigner :) also keep trying to talk thai though i don't understand at all...

the rain has stopped, see you guys and wish the good friendship forever...

ricki @ krabi 2008

Senja di Masjid Putra

Senja di Masjid Putra, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Made from 3 exposure bracketing, the blending process gave unexpected result, the color is almost like dual / tri tone :) I like it so I keep the color as it is...

ricki @ putrajaya 2008

Where all the Policies Come From

Executive is supposed to be not the only one power in a government. Modern democracy requires distributed power between Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary.

This is the house of Malaysian Executive Arm at Putrajaya. Took the shot during a light rain, just love the wet foreground with a bit of reflection of this building.

ricki @ putrajaya 2008

Another Corner of KLCC

Another Corner of KLCC, originally uploaded by rickirick.

A view from the park in front of Surya KLCC -a shopping mall which connected to Petronas Twin Tower-

ricki @ kuala lumpur 2008

Luck is about how Hard you try

Luck is about how Hard you try, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Captured this moment on morning time at Pangandaran, southern Ciamis, West Java, where the most people work as fishermen..
We can't just hope a bunch of fish will come... wake up in the dawn and never stop sailing are the only way we survive... Luck? We are great believer of luck, and we always find the harder we try the more we have of it...

ricki @ pangandaran 2008

Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Visited this castle during spring time at Japan. This castle is one of the most famous castles in Japan, and appeared in Last Samurai film (Tom Cruise).

ricki @ Himeji 2008