Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge, originally uploaded by rickirick.

A capture of a bridge connecting Tokyo and Odaiba Island.
It's quite nice place to have a little refreshing out of daily working life in Tokyo, having a cup of coffee by the sea, with a nice view towards the rainbow bridge and crowd of buildings at downtown. By the way, the red tower that looks similar to Eiffel is Tokyo Tower :)

Took this picture with fixed lens 50mm, because my 12-24mm has too wide angle for this scene. Apparently the focal length between 30-40mm would give better angle.
Need one more lens to fill up this focal length gap, I will probably choose the medium range lens, either 16-85 or 17-55.

ricki @ odaiba 2009


  1. Waaahhh..kereeen Kir. Tob Abis. Breathtaking picture.. Makin manteb aja maneh..hehe.. :)

  2. thanks yo.. masih lagi explore2 nih :)