Thursday, 12 March 2009

Fun bike afternoon

Fun bike afternoon, originally uploaded by rickirick.

Japan is one of the countries where the bicycle culture is widely spread. Less polluted air and good infrastructure such as bike lanes favoring bicycle usage here. There is a nice article written at Japantimes Online about a famous economic analyst who always use bicycle to travel. I like the part when she said that she tend not to think about anything when taking public transport, but when she rides bike, she can aware of her movement, and feels the changes of the seasons. Yeah me too, I used bicycle everyday when I was working at Osaka 1 year ago, this autumn picture is taken on my way to the office riding bicycle :)

ricki @ tokyo 2009


  1. Hahaha.. which one interest you the most at first.. the bicycle or the girls??? ;p

  2. haha.. tau aja :p
    bicycle ny donk