Sunday, 8 March 2009

A Night at Yokohama

A Night at Yokohama, originally uploaded by rickirick.

My team is supposed to move to head quarter office at Shin Yokohama, as my project at Tokyo is finishing soon. I was kind of excited, as new city must be always interesting for me :) ...but for some reason, the plan is canceled. My team is staying at Tokyo office until the end of the project on April.
Before it is going too late, I visited Yokohama last Saturday only for sightseeing and feeling the atmosphere of the city. Well, 1 hour journey from my place is nothing compared to some city scenes I managed to capture, and this picture is one of my favorites :)

ricki @ yokohama 2009


  1. wuiihh.. Bokir makin maju aja ilmu fotografi nya..
    I loooovee this. This is currently my laptop wallpaper. :)

    Thanks Kir!